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The White Oak is proud to announce that we’re now open at 416 South Main Street in Montrose, PA. When you visit, not only are you going to consume the freshest of meals, but you’ll be happy to know that we only serve sustainable foods which are purchased from small, local farmers. This means that you’ll always know exactly what is going on your plate and in your stomach. If you enjoy local, home grown tastes, sustainable sources, and the healthiest dining options, you will love what White Oak has to offer to you. When you visit you’ll be able to dine either indoors or out and you’ll be sure to love the ambiance and serve that you receive.






These are just a few of the things that we’re especially proud of:

We Use Sustainable Foods
The restaurant is taking a “green” focus which means that all the meals that will be served are purchased through local farmers. This means all the foods are going to be fresh and made on a daily basis. It also means that you will know exactly what is going on to your plate. The foods that are purchased are grown responsibly, by local farmers. All the food you consume is going to be made naturally, with limited pesticides (if any), and are all going to be grown in the healthiest of soils (organic, all natural). No matter what you choose to eat when you dine at White Oak, you can be rest assured it is clean, healthy, and is a much better option than what is served at chain restaurants.

We Support Small Local Businesses
Since all of the foods that White Oak will be serving are purchased from small local farmers, you’re not only going to be supporting a new restaurant but also small businesses in the area. By avoiding large chain restaurants you’ll be helping the small restaurant owner, the small local businesses and farmers in the area, and you are going to be making a healthy, conscious choice with each meal you consume from the restaurant. You’ll be eating in a very healthy manner.

We Serve Seasonal Favorites
If you like fresh fruits, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients right as they are picked, you will love the concept behind White Oak. Since the restaurant only uses sustainable foods to produce the meals you are going to consume, this means you are going to be eating the freshest foods available.  All the dishes you eat will be made with produce that is in season and has been picked within the past couple of days (or possibly the same day you go in to the restaurant).. You will always have fresh, clean, and seasonal options to choose from, when you dine at our establishment.

Our Menu Will Always Vary
Another unique feature with White Oak, is that because most ingredients are seasonal, you never know what you are going to get when you dine in. You might come in on a Monday, then come in the following day, or a couple days later (the same week), and the menu might be entirely new. Since seasonal foods are picked during the seasons they are ripe and fresh, you know you are eating the freshest meals. You’ll be sure to find something new and fun when you dine with us. Get ready to try Chef Pipitone’s seasonal blends and delicious entrees.

Whether you like to support small businesses, like the freshest meals and tastes, or simply want to try something new, you can visit White Oak in Montrose, PA. You will always know exactly what you are eating, and you can be rest assured every meal you eat has been hand crafted and hasn’t been sitting in the cooler for a few days. Since all foods are made from the freshest, sustainable ingredients, you will never consume foods that are not fresh, and are not in season.

If you’re ready for a new experience, and if you like to go on an adventure with each food you consume, White Oak is a great place to dine. Seasonal favorites, new creations, fresh picked and sustainable ingredients, and a new dish each time you dine in, are all some of the benefits that you will find, when you choose to visit this new restaurant in the area.

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  1. 6-28-2013

    We’re looking forward to trying out the new restaurant.

  2. 7-3-2013

    Welcome! so glad you are here — thanks for coming to Montrose.

    Carol Horton

  3. 7-5-2013

    It is so nice to have a restaurant that supports local farms and serves such great food. Everything was fantastic. We loved it!

  4. 7-25-2013

    Summerhouse Grill was our favorite restaurant in the area and we were so disappointed that it closed. Now we are equally excited to try The White Oak!!!!! You will see us soon. Best of luck.

  5. 8-5-2013

    Thanks for the great meal Saturday. Jean loved the 6 layer eggplant, it was a huge treat. Really nice job on the falafel, and the desserts were terrific. It was hard to tell what was better, the peach and blueberry cobbler, or the delicious biscuits with cinnamon ice cream. See you again soon!

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