What Is Sustainable Food And Why We Love It

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What Is Sustainable Food And Why We Love It

Here at The White Oak, when it comes to cooking, eating, and farming, food sustainability is a very crucial factor in what we believe in. Sustainable food can be defined nonetheless, as self-sufficient food, capable of being produced continually, in a certain period of time. It is more of a way of food production, processing and eating.

Sustainable food also seems to have a different meaning depending on the person answering what it is. However, sustainable food in our philosophy is food that is produced and processed (as well as traded) in ways that:

  • contribute significantly to the thriving local economy and sustainable livelihoods
  • protect both the diversity of plants and animals as well as avoid damage to the natural resources that contribute to climate change
  • provide better food quality, safe and other healthy products as social benefits to both man and animals

From a farming perspective, food sustainability can be viewed as “sustainable agriculture”, which is an integrated system of animal and plant production practices that over the long run, can be applied to;

  • satisfy human needs for food and fiber
  • enhance the environment and natural resources upon which the production of sustainable food and the economy depends
  • make efficient use of non-renewable and on farm resources that lead to a better control of the biological cycle
  • sustain and balance the economy’s viability of farm-operations and finally,
  • enhance quality of life for farmers and the society at large.

To further understand what sustainable food is, think of a system, comprising of land, people, animals, the community and the environment. A good sustainable food system should nurture all these.

In a nutshell, the sustainable food movement integrates mindful people; those who care for their health through the food they eat. The nourishment of land through the use of bio-diversified plants that enrich soils, conservation of the environment and resources such as water, and assurance of the welfare of animals and the farmers form a better sustainable food system.

Here at the White Oak, we’re proud to say that we serve amazing dishes that are made from local farm families. Our menu varies depending on what’s in season so be sure to stop in and view are daily creations!

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